Registry Certificate of Achievement

A Registry Certificate of Achievement is awarded to an individual after his/her membership application is processed. The certificate lists important information including a Registry Career Level, the regulated care positions that a member qualifies for, years of experience, and training hours.

The electronic Registry Certificate of Achievement meets licensing requirement DCF 251.04(5)(a)5 regarding staff in a group center or school-age program and DCF 250.04 (5)(K) regarding staff in a family child care program. 

Finding My Registry Certificate     

The Registry Certificate of Achievement is available electronically for all current members. You can view or download your certificate immediately after The Registry finishes processing your application. 

You can access your Registry Certificate of Achievement with the following steps:

Log in to your Registry account.
          2. Click on the Reports page.
          3. Click on the Registry Certificate of Achievement report.

Requesting a Printed Copy     

Current Registry members may request a printed copy of their Registry Certificate of Achievement. A processing fee of $10 will be charged. Once a request is submitted, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for printing and shipping. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Individuals who do not have a Registry membership or have an expired Registry membership cannot request a printed copy. Such requests will be denied. Any collected payment will be transferred to a Registry membership application or renewal. All payments submitted for a printed copy of a Registry Certificate of Achievement are non-refundable. 

Sample Certificate

Reviewing My Registry Certificate     

Your Registry Certificate of Achievement is a valuable document that lists your Registry Career Level, qualifications based on licensing requirements, years of experience, and more. Please review the following features you will find on your Registry Certificate of Achievement:

The following list explain the features that are listed on an individual's Registry Certificate of Achievement:

DOWNLOAD a printable copy

  1. Name:  The name listed on the certificate is exactly the same as what was entered on the Registry membership application.
  2. Career Level:  A Career Level is based on an individual's formal training, related college credit credits, and completed degrees. The Career Level is an indication of a Registry member's education level, and not an indication of an individual's qualifications for any licensed positions. 
  3. Account Information:  Current Registry members enjoy a number of benefits. This part of the Registry Certificate shows the membership expiration date and Registry ID number. The expiration date is always the last day of the month, one year after the membership application was submitted. An individual's Registry ID number is a unique number. Please keep this number handy when working with Registry staff or attending training events.
  4. Training Summary:  The dates here coincide with the expiration date and show the training year in which the training hours were counted. The training listed here show ONLY the training taken completed within the listed time frame AND submitted to The Registry by the trainer / training agency. Current members can access their Learning Record which breaks down all training verified by The Registry the past 2 calendar years. Individuals with a Registry account can access a list of all training ever verified by The Registry by logging in, accessing the Personal Profile, and clicking the Training page.
  5. Years of Experience:  The years of experience shown here come from the information entered on an individual's Employment History page. Individuals should update employment records accordingly so that experience is accurate.
  6. Qualifications: Qualifications are based on licensing requirements and determined by entry level coursework, experience, and age. Some positions an individual preliminarily qualifies for, may need a supplemental course to fully meet the qualification.
    Review the licensing qualification requirements
  7. Special Endorsements / Training:  This section shows the special endorsements or training verified by The Registry.
  8. QR Code:  The QR code is a security measure to help prevent fraud. It is unique to each Registry member.