Credentials Overview

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Registry Credentials combine cutting-edge learning with the latest in research and techniques. These credit-based programs are focused on job specific skills so students can apply the practical knowledge they’ve learned to their current positions. The Registry Credentials are a stepping stone to advancement for any aspect of the early care and education field. Accredited technical colleges and universities located throughout state of Wisconsin offer credential coursework. Take the next step - advance your career today and register for credential classes!

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Credential Elements

Each professional credential has the following common elements:

  • Is credit based (12-18 credits per credential) and taught by a professional educator through an institution of higher education.
  • Is a sequence of 4-6 specific courses, which build upon one another, requiring students to apply what they’ve learned in previous courses.
  • Culminates in a Capstone Course and the development of a final project or portfolio.
  • Concludes with a Registry Commission where the credential candidate demonstrates to a Registry Commissioner the new knowledge and skills they have learned.
  • Is developed, approved, and awarded by The Registry.

    The courses that are approved as meeting the guidelines of the credential and the statewide curriculum must have been taken since 2000.

The Registry Credentials

  • Administrator The Administrator Credential will help you develop the skills and competencies needed by administrators and directors to be successful. The Administrator Credential is a six course, 18-credit sequence.
  • Afterschool & Youth Development The Afterschool & Youth Development Credential is a four course, 12 credit sequence that is designed for any individual working in an out-of-school-time program for children ages five through twelve.
  • Family Child Care The Family Child Care Credential focuses on the unique aspects of family child care with strong emphasis on the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Quality Standard and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. The Family Child Care Credential is a four course, 12-credit sequence.
  • Inclusion The Inclusion Credential focuses on the additional training and education professionals need when caring for children with special needs and builds a knowledge base that allows providers to offer high quality care to all children. The Inclusion Credential is a four course, 12-credit sequence.
  • Infant Toddler The Infant Toddler Credential will best benefit those who work with children under the age of three. Two of the four Infant Toddler Credential courses in the 12-credit sequence are also within the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Curriculum for the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • Leadership The Leadership Credential explores the importance of excellence and diversity in early care and education programs and the role of vision and reflective practice in reaching these goals. This credential is a four course, 12-credit sequence designed for teachers, assistant teachers, program directors and administrators.
  • Preschool The Preschool Credential was developed using courses from the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Curriculum for the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. This six course, 18-credit Registry Credential program is for preschool teachers, assistant teachers, program directors and administrators who work with children age three to five.
  • Program Development The Program Development Credential explores the role of Program Developer including both management and leadership functions. This four course, 12-credit sequence is designed for the individual responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating an early care and education program.
  • Supporting Dual Language Learners The Supporting Dual Language Learners Credential focuses on how to better understand the unique traits and needs of young children who are dual language learners. This four course, 12-credit sequence is designed for early childhood educators looking to gain the skills and confidence to support children and families in a dual language environment.

Each one of The Registry Credential programs will help you advance your career and earn professional recognition. The Credentials are the key to future success – take the step now!

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